Tuesday, 3 March 2015

John Green

So i have almost completed my John Green collection, although i have not read Will Grayson, Will Grayson but i am starting it.
So my opinion on John Green is that he's obviously an amazing writer and i love watching his YouTube videos. I love all of his books so much and they actually keep me interested.
 My absolute favorite book was Looking for Alaska. I honestly read this in about two days because I loved it so much and i'm finding it difficult to this day to forget about the characters.

I thought i would read Paper towns before the film came out and i really really enjoyed this book, it came a close second to Looking For Alaska, although i did imagine the main character (Margo) differently than Cara Delevingne.
I'm sure everyone has read The Fault In Our Stars so i won't go into this one too much but i love the book as much as i loved the film, bravo John Green. Bravo. 
At Christmas i read Let It Snow, because it was Christmas book. I enjoyed this book and how all three of the story's have a link, it kept me very interested and i would defiantly recommend this one!
An Abundance Of Katherine's was defiantly not a book i enjoyed reading. I just did not get along with the story-line of this book and I was bored of it straight away but decided to finish it anyway. The thing that really annoyed me was the old number references for the number of Katherine's and the references you had to keep making at the bottom of the page. 
Now i can not comment on this book yet as i have not read it but i have high expectations!
I did start to write out an overview of every book but it was taking too long and i couldn't write it without giving away the point of each book. 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Everyday Makeup

I thought I would share with you guys my every day makeup. 
I will list these products and there links below but before that I just want to go through what i do before i apply my makeup.

Before I apply any makeup i wash my face with a non foaming cleaner and flannel. 
I then tone my face with rosewater and apply a light moisturizer.
If i have the time i like to give about five to ten minutes for my moisturizer to set it before i apply my primer. 
Also if I have the time between my primer, foundation, concealer and powder i like to give each layer a few minutes to properly sink into my face. 
I then get on with applying my Benefit Pore Professional Primer, and i love this stuff so much! It literally makes imperfections fade away.
I then apply my under eye corrector by MUA (The yellow one) just with my fingers as this fades away my dark circles.
I then apply my MAC Studio Fix foundation in NW10 with my foundation brush from the Real Techniques collection.
I then apply mu concealer to my under eyes and any spots/blemishes and just blend this out with my fingers,
Afterwards i apply my finishing powder by Rimmel with my Real Techniques Duo Fiber face brush.
After this i apply my bronzer, highlighter and blush to my cheeks, I only apply a light amount to give some definition of my face. I use the Sleek contour kit in light and the Sleek blush in Flamingo. To apply these i use my Real Technique brushes.
I then go onto my eyebrows where i fill them in using the eylure kit in dark brown and then the Maybelline brow drama. I comb them out with my spoolie on the end of my eye pencil( that I don't use)
I then go onto my eyes and i firstly use the MUA eye primer then use the MUA eyeshadow palette.
I will then curl my eyelashes before applying my Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner and my Maybelline Great Lash mascara.
 Once my first layer of mascara is dry i will then apply another with my Scandaleyes from Rimmel.
The last step is to apply mu lipstick, on most days I wear the Rimmel lipstick in 'Mauve It Over' and Lip-liner in 'Mauve'.
Revlon Lipstick - Unavailable
Lip liner - Unavailable 

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Dying My Eyebrows

 Every month I dye my eyebrows using the Eylure Dye Kit. Here is my before and after. I feel that using this makes my eyebrows appear fuller and a better shape. This product says it lasts for a month but because I wash my face twice a day I would say that it lasts about two weeks. 
The first thing I should say that is before you use this you must not of plucked/waxed/threaded your eyebrows for three days.
I use a mixture of the black and brown dye because i feel like its the right colour for my eyebrows. )The picture on the right is the old Eylure dye kit but i still haven't used it all)
The first thing you're going to want to do is mix the solution and dye together. I use about a centimeter of each the black and brown and add eight drops of the solution, I then mix it together. 
With this kit you get the spoolie to apply the product through your lashes evenly and a plastic applicator.
I then apply Vaseline around my eyebrows so it doesn't stain my skin if it gets on it. 
This is what my eyebrows look like when I've applied the product. I leave it on for 15 minutes and then wipe it off with a baby wipe. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

American Apparel Dupes

Everyone love some American Apparel but we all know how expensive it can be, here are some cheaper alternatives i found but for a cheaper price.
I haven't actually bought any of these items so i can't give you an opinion on the quality but i just though this would be useful for some people.

(I'm sorry in advance that the pictures/titles are not straight, i just could not get them to line up!)


AMERICAN APPAREL  £54                                   EBAY DUPE £5.99                              

HIGH WAIST JEAN CUFF SHORT                                       

AMERICAN APPAREL £56                             EBAY DUPE £6.99      



AMERICAN APPAREL £54                                       EBAY DUPE £7.95                           


AMERICAN APPAREL £58                                    EBAY DUPE £14.99                                  


AMERICAN APPAREL £46                                        EBAY DUPE £3.99                                                                    

AMERICAN APPAREL £44                                       EBAY DUPE £6.99                                                       

AMERICAN APPAREL £28                                          EBAY DUPE £8.99                                                                    


AMERICAN APPAREL £46                                  ALIEXPRESS DUPE £7.19                                                                      

AMERICAN APPAREL £48                                       ALIEXPRESS DUPE £7.47                                                             

AMERICAN APPAREL £22                                     ALIEXPRESS £5                                                  



AMERICAN APPAREL £25                                 ALIEXPRESS DUPE £5.42                                                                                

AMERICAN APPAREL £48                               ALIEXPRESS DUPE £21.99                                

Saturday, 21 February 2015

What's In My Bag

I thought I would do an updated what's in my bag post. 
(p.s. I'm sorry for the poor quality of photos)
 The first thing in my bag is always, my makeup bag. Now i'm the type of person who hates heavy bags so i don't take a load of makeup with my when i go out. All I take is the 'touch up' things i will need. I take:
 hair bobbles and grips (Primark)
 a compact mirror (Primark)
hand cream (The Body Shop)
face powder (Soap and Glory)
blotting sheets (Kleenex)
concealer (Rimmel) and my lipstick that I am wearing that day. 
 I then have with me my purse, which is from Primark.
 I always carry around a diary and my college pass, even if I'm not at college because if i take it out of my bag i guarantee i will lose it. 
 I always make sure I have my umbrella because i live in England and the weather can change very quickly. 
 Then this is the rest of the stuff I carry around with me which includes;
IPod and headphones
Tissues (Kleenex)
Hairbrush (Primark)
Chewing gum
Perfume (Katy Perry)
Hand sanitize
Lip balm
Nail files

Thursday, 19 February 2015