Thursday, 18 December 2014

Damsel Jewellery Collection

These pieces of jewellery i recently received from Damsel jewellery are something that i will wear the life out of!
I received three necklaces all of different lengths so they are perfect to wear together or apart. 
I personally think that these necklaces can be worn with anything, they are tamed colors meaning i wear them literally every day and get so much use out of them. 

 The shortest necklace i received was the Crystal Quartz Bar, as you can see it is a bigger cut stone with gold around the middle. I love the size of this one because its not too small so you cant see the stone properly and it doesn't look over sized.  It has a beautiful cut to the stone and is beautifully handmade. You can find this item at this link, damseljewellery.

The second item i received was this stunning Rose Quartz Oval. It is made with this lovely pink subtle stone. This is a piece i am really excited about, to me it is the perfect necklace. The colour of this necklace makes it perfect for wearing everyday, on its own or with others, it is such a delicate colour, i am in love with this piece..
 This final piece i got sent was this elegant, classic piece of an item. This item is the Marble Pendant. and i love this piece just like all of the others. This piece i find a little more interesting because it has a mixture of faint, sophisticated colours inside of it. The pinks, purples and dark cream colours all blend in together and look amazing! The other thing i also love is the presence of these black dots. They just add something so unique and interesting to the item. 
 I always say that Damsel Jewellery's items are the best and i truly mean that. They are handmade with such quality and passion that i get so exited when i receive them because i know they're going to be something special.

Visit their website at:

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Damsel Clear Quartz Pendulum Necklace

My latest gift from Damsel jewellery is truly amazing!
This necklace is a clear Quartz Pendulum, it has a clear point and clear ball.
Because this item is clear you can wear it with anything, It is a long beautiful piece that is amazing to wear everyday. 
You can layer this necklace up with others and it will fit in perfectly to make a plain outfit look more interesting!

Damsels jewellery always surprises me with how beautiful they are and the range of different styles that they have. There is a piece of jewellery out there for everyone whether you like things more simple or you like your jewellery to stand out. 
I have layered up this necklace with my other Damsel necklace's and it looks truly mesmerizing.

If you're wanting this piece of jewellery or any others then be sure to check out their website, or contact the seller who is, by the way a lovely person!
There is currently an offer on at Damsel, When you spend over £20 you get free delivery in the UK only. Use the code- FREESHIPPING9 at the checkout!
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Sunday, 21 September 2014


I received two amazing pieces of jewellery from a lovely company called Damsel. The first piece i received was a necklace with a purple crystal attached to it (Small Raw Amethyst Crystal Point) this necklace sits perfectly around the neck, and the crystal is just the perfect size. The second product i received was also a simple statement necklace named the Triquetra Charm Necklace. This is a lovely silver - tribal feeling necklace and sits perfectly with the other piece of jewellery if you would want to wear them together. 

 These pieces of jewellery are so well picked out and are just amazing to wear with different outfits. They add something different to a simple outfit, especially if you layer them up together. 
If you're wanting some original, unique, amazingly put together pieces of jewellery then this is the website you need to look at. They have a range of beautiful jewellery with stones that were picked out to please the customer.
Be sure to check them out at this address:

Saturday, 30 August 2014

MUA Haul

I went a little crazy on the MUA Cosmetic website, but i am a sucker for a cheap product!
I spent just over £40 buying all of this, which i don't think is too bad.
My order came after 6 days of ordering it and this is everything i got.
The majority of things i got was nail polish and lipsticks.
All of my lip products came to 13 items in total, and cost me £15.
Some of these products i like but theirs two or three of the lipsticks that just don't glide on like a lipstick should.
The majority of what i bought was nail polish. I now own every MUA nail polish that they have.
I think these products are really good for only £1, sure they don't last forever but i like to change my nail polish every week anyway.
The last things i bought were just random things that i wanted to try out. 
The foundation brush is genuinely really good for what it cost me, its obviously not going to be as good as a real techniques brush, but i like it. 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

What's in my bag?

So, i thought i'd do a what's in my bag type of thing, just to show what my every day essentials are. 
Bag/ Primark

This bag appears quite small from the outside but it actually fits alot into it.
To go with my bag i also bought a purse from primark, this also has a lot of space with a zipper back, card space and another zipper inside.
So these are the things i take with me in my bag everywhere i go, most of them are things 99% of people carry around, but they are necessary.
The first thing i carry with me is always a hand sanitizer. When i'm out i'm going to be touching doors, railings and things that other people have touched and toilets are not always available, so what i do is use a sanitizer.
Although hand sanitize is good for you it does leave my hands extremely dry, therefor i always have a hand lotion in my bag.
The next thing which i feel is essential is a deodorant. You're walking around all day and can start to feel smelly, so this is something i don't leave the house without. I carry the compressed deodorants because they're small enough for any bag size.
As well as a deodorant i always carry a sampler size or just a smaller sized perfume in my bag to put on when I've been out of the house for a few hours.
The next thing i always have on me may not be essential to everyone. I suffer with dry, chapped lips so i have to put something moisturizing on my lips every few hours.
The next thing is something i only recently started using but have become lifesavers to me. I don't like to carry around makeup in my bag because it just weighs it down, after a few hours my skin becomes really oily and shiny. I bought 20 packets of these Kleenex sheets and i could not recommend them more. 
The next thing is just a basic to me, tissues. You never know when you might need these so i always throw a packet into my bag, just in case.
The last thing i carry in my bag is my keys! Obviously everyone has keys but i decided to make mine less boring. I use nail polish to colour the top of my keys to know which is for where and to just make them look better.
I also carry chewing gum, a comb and a bobble but these didn't seem to need pictures.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lazy Day Essentials

 The majority of my life this past year has been me with no where to go but just stay in the house all day. This should make me an expert in being lazy. 
Most of my days are spent the same, watching TV, eating and sleeping. 
Therefor my first essential is to be comfortable. Choose either your favorite pyjamas or baggy jumper and just slouch around in it all day with the next essential; a hot drink. I could not live without my ten cups of tea a day, they just keep me warm.
On a lazy day you want to do as little moving as possible so i either stick a film on the TV or sit at the computer all day watching Netflix.
I am currently watching American Horror Story. I never realized it was as good as it actually is, i'm not the type of person that enjoys scary things but this program has such a depth to it i just cant stop watching.
The other thing to do if you just want to relax and get lost is to read a good book. When i do feel like reading, i like to read the hunger games books in the bath. The bath is just more of a calming place especially if you have candles and a book.
If i am in the bath i sometimes just like to put my headphones in, close my eyes and sit there for hours.
I know some people don't like baths so if you don't, just switch off your lights and put your headphones in and lay in bed for a while.
When i don't have to go anywhere i don't wear any makeup but if i'm feeling like i just need a little something i would just put the minimal amount on. I would use either a concealer or a BB cream just to add some color to my face then add some mascara and lip balm. You don't want to be covered in makeup all day when i'm not going anywhere.
A lazy day wouldn't be complete without food! There seems to be a health craze going on at the moment but that craze isn't working out for me, so the best thing to eat is, of course chocolate (or something fatty) you can ditch the diet for one day.
That is how i spend my lazy days(most days)

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I received the most beautiful necklace today. It is in a light baby pink color (Rose Quartz) which means Love. You can see how much love goes into these products,the stone is just pure beautiful. I thought this company deserved this blog post dedicated to this item of jewellery, not only because of how beautiful this item is but how amazing everything is on their website. You can see how much time and effort goes into every piece they have.
If you're wanting a unique piece of jewellery then this is the company for you to check out, they range from this beautiful piece to more statement pieces.
These statement pieces of jewellery can be worn with anything to add something different and original to your outfit.
Be sure to check them out at this address:

 * This is a promoted review but all opinions are my own.

Monday, 18 August 2014

B. Nail Polish Review

My nail polish obsession just keeps on growing so i thought i would give a review on the B. Complete long-lasting nail polish in the color sea foam. 
The B. Collection is only available from superdrug and has been compared to the boots No.7 Range.
The nail polishes are priced at £4.99 which i think is a fair price for the quality and size of the bottle. 
These nail polishes claim to last a long time, i would say they do last for a good 5 days before they start to chip. 

The first coat of the nail polish is very light and defiantly needs a second coat, it is however easy to apply because of the bigger brush.
After i applied the second coat it improved a lot but i still felt like i needed a third coat because you could still see the tips of my nails. 
          This was the result after three coats and a top clear coat.

The only bad thing i would say is that while it is wet it does chip easily so you have to be careful, as well as this it is not the fastest drying nail polish so patience is needed.

These nail polishes are not tested on animals which is a bonus. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Everyday Makeup Routine

My makeup routine generally stays the same and has done for a few years, i'm not the type of person that likes to wear bright colors or be very out there, i suppose i just like to keep it very natural. 
A good makeup routine is always made easier if you have a good skincare routine, your makeup will glide onto your skin better.
The first thing i do in my makeup routine is put a primer on the areas that i have more visible  marks, so they appear more faded.
After that i apply my foundation with a flat foundation brush, i only use a thin coat because the foundation i'm using has pretty good coverage although it does leave my skin a little flakey. 
If my bags are bad that day i use a concealer, i use the wake me up concealer because it just fits better with my foundation and covers well. I blend that in with my fingers.
I then powder my t-zone as that tends to get very oily throughout the day. 
The next thing i do is lightly contour my cheeks and jawbone, then add some liquid blusher because powder is too harsh for my skin tone.
I then focus on my eyebrows, i have very faint, thin eyebrows so this is an important step. I use a wax first and then apply a brown powder to my eyebrows. The final step for my eyebrows is to smooth them out with an eyebrow brush so they are not too harsh.
The longest part of my routine is my eyes. I firstly curl my eyelashes, then start with the eye shadow. i use natural colors to create a light smoke eye effect. i then apply a liquid eyeliner on my top lid creating a cat-eye affect, then use a mascara on my top and bottom lashes to bring out my eyes. 
The final step of my routine is to add a lip balm or lip gloss.

The products i use:
Baby Skin instant pore eraser
Wake me up in Porcelain 010
Wake me up concealer 
Stay Matte powder in 01
Sleek Contour kit in Light
Wake me up shimmer touch in Radiant Rose 002
Beauty UK high brow
Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil
MUA eye shadow palette - Heaven & Earth 
MUA eyeliner in black
Maybelline great Lash mascara in black
Baby Lips Electro in Shock Pink

Saturday, 16 August 2014

My Hair Care Routine

Needless to say that my hair has been through a tough time these last two years, its been bleached over ten times, heat damaged and i suffered bad hair loss because of it. Since i cut my hair short and stopped dying it it's started to grow back healthier.

The start of my hair care routine is what i wash my hair with. At the moment i am using Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner which is also a horse shampoo but safe and recommended for humans too. It helps hair growth and shine and i feel like it has really contributed to my hair growth over the past year. I also use different shampoos every other day, as well as a coconut oil hair mask for six hours one day a week.
 The next part of my routine is just how i style my hair on an everyday basis. As i do suffer with hair loss my Tangle Teezer is my number one thing to have on this list, it literally is a life saver. It is gentle enough on fragile hair for getting even the worst tangles out.

While my hair is still wet i apply a hair oil, a root boosting spray and a heat protector.

I then go onto styling my hair. I don't often use heat on my hair but when i do i use the Remington Pearl Pro Styler and curl just a few pieces of my hair. Then i apply a salt spray and scrunch my hair up to give more texture, then for even more texture i add some dry shampoo to my roots and ends as well as giving my hair a little back comb at the roots. My final steps are to apply a shine spray and some finishing spray. 
Products i use:
Mane 'n Tale Shampoo & Conditioner
Tangle Teezer
Wella oil reflections
tresemme 24 hour body root boosting spray
got2b guardian angel heat protection
Remington Pearl Pro Styler
l'oreal salt spray matt & messy
TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo
Schwarzkopf Gliss Shine Tonic Spray
Percy & Reed Finishing Polish